Carcassonne variants (designed to be played with the base game, plus Inns and Cathedrals and Traders and Builders)

– Lay out five tiles at the beginning of the game. On each player’s turn, he or she can choose to take the right-most tile for free. To take a tile to the left, the player must spend victory points — 1 for the second tile, two for the third, and so on. After a player drafts a tile, move the remaining tiles forward and add a new tile to the back of the line.

– As long as no pieces are on the tiles underneath, you may stack tiles on other tiles. You cannot place pieces on stacked tiles.

– Carcassonne Mini-Expansion: Devil Worship

Any pig in play may be sacrificed by its owner at the end of his or her turn and replaced by a demon. Whenever a player finishes a feature, (s)he may move a demon by one tile in any direction for each feature completed. Any piece sharing a demon’s tile is destroyed. If the demon moves onto a cathedral, the cathedral tile is returned to the bag. If a demon is moved onto any tile surrounding a monk, the demon itself is destroyed.